For exchange students

SoWi?So! welcomes all exchange students to the Faculty 02 Social Sciences, Media and Sport! On this page you will find offers to help you get started with your studies in Germany. In addition to workshops and instructions on academic work, you will also find interdisciplinary courses in English. There you can learn more about different cultures, get in touch with other exchange students as well as with German students and, of course, receive credit points and grades. Our courses are geared towards the needs of exchange students. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this. Registration for courses can be done via Jogustine or our registration form.

A flying start - We prepare you for a successful semester

Academic Boosting Class: Successful Social Science Studies (3 ECTS) [winter term] & [summer term]

In this course (3 ECTS), exchange students learn the ABC for successful social science studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University. Participants will be able to meet the formal requirements of academic work in terms of literature research, oral presentations and term papers. The course offers you a flying start and equips you for a successful semester abroad at JGU. Read more

Information to go:

Here you will find some general information about the usual coursework, assignments and presentations. As a rule, the subjects have specific requirements. Therefore, please contact the lecturer who is to supervise you for your term paper or presentation in time.

How do you actually...?

Overviews on writing term papers from the institutes: **

** So far, this information is only available in German. English versions will follow soon.

*** If in doubt, ask your individual lecturers, because there is currently no uniform guideline for sports science; most of the time, it is based on the dvs standard linked here.

Certificate for international competence

In this study-accompanying program, students and exchange students of FB02 start their strategic international career planning. They receive professional advice, network with employees of international organizations and companies, and learn about international career paths.
Through professional training, students develop important soft skills such as intercultural communication or presentation and self-marketing in an international context.
In English-language courses with international topics, language skills are deepened and the professional profile is sharpened. Learning together with international students also tests international teamwork skills.

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Courses and events in summer term 2024

Summer School 2024: Psychological Warfare (3 ECTS)

In the summer school "Psychological Warfare: Controlling the Public" the participants will discuss communication in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and how the spread of misinformation and mistrust is being used as a weapon in these uncertain times. The students will have the opportunity to analyse case studies of psychological warfare and apply your new knowledge.

The course is held in English and addresses all students at Johannes Gutenberg University as well as students from Ukraine. Read more

Lecture: Academic Boosting Class: Successful Social Science Studies - for Incomings (3 ECTS)

This course is especially for exchange students. The aim is to teach them the ABCs of successfully studying social sciences at Johannes Gutenberg University. Guided by a tutor, participants will be enabled to meet the formal requirements of academic work in terms of literature research, presentations and term papers. The course prepares you for a successful semester abroad at JGU. Read more

Seminar: The Israeli society: Past, Present, and Future (5 ECTS)

With five national elections in the last three and a half years, more than a dozen political parties spanning a variety of left and right, conservative and liberal, Jewish and Arab, religious and secular, one could argue that Israelis are currently debating their most fundamental beliefs and ideas. In this course, you will explore the system, actors, issues and current events in Israeli politics. In addition, you will examine the Israeli media and its role in current political upheavals and events.
The course will be taught in English and is open to all students at Johannes Gutenberg University. Read more

Seminar: The Problem of "De facto States" in International Relations (5 ECTS)

The collapse of the Soviet Union into 15 new independent states and the emergence of seven countries that belonged to the Soviet sphere of influence (former Yugoslavia) resulted in a period of political turbulence. One of the phenomena of the new regional security system was therefore the emergence of self-proclaimed state entities that declared themselves as sovereign countries but have not received full international recognition for more than 30 years. In this course you will develop a complete picture of the "de facto states", identifying the characteristics of their emergence, development, modern specifications and projections for international recognition in the future.
The course is taught in English and is open to all students at Johannes Gutenberg University. Read more

Lecture on the research at the faculty: CRiSS - Contemporary Research in Social Science (2-3 ECTS)

CRiSS is a recurring lecture series organised by the Faculty 02: Social Sciences, Media and Sports of Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz and takes place in each summer semester. Members from all of the faculty's disciplines - Communication Science, Educational Science, Political Science, Psychology, School Studies, Sociology, and Sports Science - present their current research projects. The talks are held in English to also enable international exchange - with international students, visiting researchers as well as guests. Read more

Past seminars and lectures
To get an impression of what kind of courses we offer, you can find an overview of our past seminars and lectures here. Read more

International study programmes at JGU

Perhaps your semester abroad has made you want to stay in Mainz longer? Then you might be interested in the variety of international degree programmes at FB02. Some of these are held in several languages and you have the opportunity to spend part of your studies abroad and - depending on the degree programme - even earn degrees from several universities. Read more